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Filipino Caregiver: How to Help Elderly Avoid Stroke

There are 6,943 cases of stroke in Singapore for the year 2014, rising to 6,642 cases recorded until 2018. Not only that, Strait Times reported that one out of 10 patients is under 50 years old, and the victims are getting younger each year. In fact, stroke is recorded as the 4th common cause of death in Singapore, and a worldwide health problem that put most elderly in danger.

Symptoms to watch out are numbness of one side of the body, trouble in speech or understanding it, difficulty in seeing, loss of balance, and bad headaches without known cause. Some families hire Filipino caregiver and Indo caregiver in Singapore to take assist in the stroke patients daily activities. But while we can avoid it, here are the several steps we can take to prevent stroke with the help of a live-in caregiver in Singapore.

Here are 5 Steps we can do to avoid the dangers of stroke:

1) Stop Smoking
It occurs when blood couldn’t flow freely to the brain, or worse, cut off. Through smoking cessation, the elderly can avoid plaque buildup, easing the flow of blood in the artery to the brain. Ditching that cigarette can reduce the chances of unnecessary blood clotting by (number) percent according to experts.

2) Cut some weight off your body
Planning down his healthy diet until he reduce his calorie intake would also drop his weight down. While the live-in caregiver is on it, let the elderly choose from a variety of rich-fiber menu available. Including his choices on our food plans will encourage him to complete his meals every day. Obese patients often have high blood pressure problems and diabetes problems that further increase the chances of stroke.

3) Exercise more
You might want to ask help from Filipino caregiver / Indo caregiver to help the elderly do some exercise from now on. Physicians suggest patients should increase their activities like walking, jogging, and others. Don’t pressure the elderly too much! Start with something easy but frequent like arm and chair exercises. It does not only burn some fats but is brings blood pressure down to normal, and therefore decreases the chances of stroke. The role of the live-in caregiver here is to assist the elderly in moving around and overseeing them in case of danger or injury.

4) Drink alcohol in moderation
Consuming more than two glasses of alcohol causes high blood pressure and therefore increases the chances of stroke for the elderly. Switching to a glass of red wine instead of beer can protect the heart and the brain as this drink contains resveratrol.

5) Encourage low-salt diet
When the elderly patient eats salty food, it increases the amount of sodium in his bloodstream which leads to potassium-sodium imbalance, retains the extra water in the body, then raises blood pressure. The Filipino caregiver/ Indo caregiver must take note not to give the elderly more than 6 grams of salt in her diet, this includes the hidden ingredients of goods we purchase like bread, canned food, and others. When the live-in caregiver is cooking for the elderly, she may get extra flavor from herbs, spices, chilli, ginger, different kinds of sauce. Always choose low-salt goods available in grocery stores and try low-sodium salt substitute. A huge step the Filipino caregiver / Indo caregiver may do is explore for some low-salt cookbooks and recipes online!

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