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Managing Behaviours of Concern 5 Triggers & Solution

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One of the biggest challenge every caregiver faces is dealing with the elderly’s aggressive behavior. These aggressive behaviors include shouting, hurting the caregiver, and tantrums. There are many strategies to manage the elderly’s behavior but one strategy may not work to another simply because all people are different. This video suggests that it is best to find the triggers of the behavior and create simple solutions to manage the behavior.

Let your Indo caregiver and Filipino caregiver learn from this video! We hope it helps.

We believe a happy family and harmonious work-home environment is achievable with the management of expectations and a lifestyle of learning. Eden Grace Caregivers aspires to cater to your needs for an ideal, dependable maid. We also hope to facilitate a good working relationship through proper integration and education programmes for both parties. We desire to guide domestic helpers to achieve their life goals during employment.
“Building Lives, Building Families”Published November 29, 2017

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