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Ways to Exercise Elderly Independence

Ways to Exercise Elderly Independence

Most seniors wish to stay independent even when they reach their failing age. Nobody likes to feel helpless and be a burden to their children or family members. However, it’s not always possible to just let your loved one live independently without any assistance especially when they have health conditions.

When we make the elderly feel somehow independent, we acknowledge that they are still individuals capable of making a difference. It also makes the elderly feel that she still has a purpose in life and that she isn’t a burden to anyone.

Eden Grace Caregivers Agency would like to share with you these strategies on how to exercise elderly independence on the elderly’s daily activities without compromising safety.

1. Modify your home to an elderly-friendly one.

We acknowledge that it can be difficult for the elderly to walk carelessly inside the house and slip or fall so, we prefer our Indo caregiver or Filipino caregiver to hold them. But what if the elderly protest, saying she can walk by herself?

Turn your flat into a safe place for your loved one to wander around with very less assistance! Together with your Indonesian maid or Filipino maid, identify accident-prone areas and attach grab bars, handrails, CCTV, and lightings to aid the elderly’s walking and activities.

Examples of accident-prone areas in your home:
– Bathrooms/ Toilets
– Rooms with slippery rugs
– Stairs
– Elevated platforms

2. Less mess, fewer accidents.

Since your loved one would like to do simple things by herself like cooking, preparing coffee/tea, and toileting, then it would be better if your Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver can tidy up the house for her.

Bear in mind that the elderly can be a little slow in doing things or their vision can be too blur! Grandma may stumble unto the toddler’s toys or she may not notice that the milk in the fridge is already expired. Encourage your Indonesian helper or Filipino helper to not just make the house clean but also to dispose of clutter immediately. This way, the elderly can do activities safely and independently.

3. Respect privacy in her daily activities.

Privacy and choice are two important aspects of caregiving. The Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver can exercise elderly independence by letting their elderly patient do some tasks privately. They are encouraged to give the amount of help only the senior asked for.

If the elderly prefers to use the toilet by herself, the caregiver may stand outside the door and only enter once the elderly requests for assistance. In bathing, the Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver may “step aside” while the elderly is using the washcloth to bathe. This type of strategy is called “as-needed” approach where the caregiver only helps when asked, protecting the elderly’s privacy, dignity, and self-esteem.

4. For patients with stroke.

Maintaining independence for stroke patients helps them regain their motor skills. For example, stroke patients may lose strength in one hand so, lifting the cup of water can be difficult for them. For Indo caregiver or Filipino caregiver, don’t rush in snatching the cup! Letting them practice this basic skill can restore their strength for the paralyzed arm.

Although promoting independence means letting the elderly do things by themselves, the Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver still needs to keep watch and be alert. We hope this article helps!

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