Why Employers Preferred Eden Grace Caregivers?

Through Eden Grace Maids, I was able to get a good helper who is of great help to my family. They are a different kind of agency, great with... view more...

As an employer, I am very impressed with the sunday service and programme for helpers who are having their day-off. The programme helps employers... view more...

by Shu Chin on Eden Grace Caregivers

I would like to commend Eden Grace as a great agency, and one employers and helpers can rely on.The church service, as well as the Sunday programmes... view more...

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Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities

If you hire a foreign domestic worker to care for yourself or loved ones, you may want to find out about Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities. It lets families pay a monthly foreign domestic worker levy of just $60, instead of $265. Each household gets concessions for up to two foreign domestic workers for two loved ones in one household at the same time.​


Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Grant is a $120 monthly cash payment given to families who need to hire a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) to care for their loved ones who require permanent assistance with three or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

You can use the payment to offset the cost of hiring a FDW. You may nominate yourself, or a caregiver who is 18 years old and above to receive your FDW Grant payment.

Each household is eligible for up to two FDWs caring for two different family members at any one time.

You can find more information on employment agencies in Singapore via the Ministry of Manpower’s Employment Agencies and Personnel Search.


A Caregivers Guide in Understanding Dementia Patient

A Caregivers Guide in Understanding Dementia Patient

Our loved ones suffering from Dementia usually have trouble remembering things, thinking clearly, communicating with others, and taking care of themselves. On top of these difficulties, Filipino caregivers must also deal with the elderly’s mood swings and the changes in their personality and behavior. When an elderly has dementia, he loses his “internal critics” or […]


The Guide to Dealing with the Elderly Who Refuses Help

Your grandma goes to the market in soiled clothes and uncombed hair. Grandpa insists on driving long distance despite his failing vision. Despite the obvious signs of aging and deteriorating health, grandparents refuse to move in their children’s house and reject the suggestion of employing a Filipino maid or Indonesian maid! We can imagine how […]


The Caregiver’s Guide for Self-Protection

Caregiver’s Guide for Self-Protection The caregiver’s job is something that needs expertise and wisdom from experience. This job must be done with utmost sincerity and a careful knowledge application. In this job, we have to manage our lifestyle, duties and work properly. We must take good care of our own personal health and even ask […]


Filipino Caregiver: How to Help Elderly Avoid Stroke

There are 6,943 cases of stroke in Singapore for the year 2014, rising to 6,642 cases recorded until 2018. Not only that, Strait Times reported that one out of 10 patients is under 50 years old, and the victims are getting younger each year. In fact, stroke is recorded as the 4th common cause of […]


Bedsores 101: What Live-in Caregivers Should Know

Bedsores 101: What Live-in Caregivers Should Know Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, should be a major concern for all live-caregivers, especially those who take care of bedridden elderly patients. Surprisingly, the number of patients bedsores have killed plummets to over 60,000 each year, a figure which rockets higher in caregiving homes and hospitals. While […]


The Guide to Encourage Elderly Exercise

The elderly’s number one excuse to avoid exercise is their frail body due to old age! However, studies say we aren’t limited by our age when it comes to exercise. Through the guidance of the Filipino caregiver, the elderly can still perform exercises! Changing the elderly’s sedentary lifestyle can decrease their chances of diabetes and […]


Tips for Taking Care of Elderly at Home

Tips for Taking Care of Elderly at Home Almost 90% of seniors in the US wants to grow old in their present residence, not in nursing homes. In Singapore, 9% of elderly population lives alone instead of staying in a nursing community. In a global scale, the elderly population wants to assert independence as much […]


Five Methods to Try When Elderly has Repetitive Behavior

Five Methods to Try When Elderly has Repetitive Behavior Grandma is restlessly unpacking and packing her clothing, opening her drawer, and asking the same questions again and again. These behaviors seem tiring and pointless for the live-in caregivers and family members who are observing, but for the elderly, it isn’t. They usually do it to […]