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The Elderly’s Guide to Keeping the Brain Healthy

The Elderly’s Guide to Keeping the Brain Healthy

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the neurodegenerative diseases that are common among the elderly population. There is no definite lifestyle or practices that prevent dementia or stops memory loss. However, many scientific studies claim that we can still help our loved ones preserve brain health.

With your Indonesian caregiver | Filipino caregiver | Myanmar caregiver help your grandma or grandpa stay sharp as they grow old! Eden Grace Maids Agency presents the elderly’s guide to keeping the brain healthy.

1) Stimulate your brain
Let the elderly’s brain stimulate despite old age by introducing mentally stimulating activities. Sit down with him and play chess together or play puzzles! The Indonesian maid or Filipino maid must be careful not to be too pushy, though. We ourselves don’t like being forced to do something. However, it only takes a little creativity and a friendly persuasion to make him play Sudoku.

Writing letters, reading books, and puzzles can also improve brain health since these encourage mental effort. If the patient is not into such activities, then try to suggest flower arranging, sewing, and crocheting.

2) Exercise
The magic happens when we use our muscles during workouts and exercise regularly. Moving now and then multiplies the tiny blood vessels that transport oxygen to the brain. This results in a high-functioning brain and strong connections between synapses.

For seniors on their 70’s, it’s not too late! A little 30-minute walk with or without a cane can make our brains more efficient and can lower blood pressure or reduce stress. Let the Indonesian maid or Filipino maid accompany the elderly during exercise and walks.

3) Healthy diet
Protein food decreases cognitive impairment and risks of dementia. Examples of the food that is good for the memory are:
– Tuna, mackerel, salmon
– Berries
– Avocado

Include this in the Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver’s menu for your loved one’s diet!

4) Staying socially active
Regular contact with the family, friends, or relatives helps preserve brain function for the elderly. A daily communication between the elderly and the Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver can potentially lower the risks of dementia and enhance cognitive performance.

Encourage your loved one to interact more with his grandchildren, attend worship services, or be a part of a volunteer program. The more friends he has, the healthier his brain becomes!

5) Avoid air pollution
What we inhale matters. The elderly’s environment may have less air pollution but long-term smoking also causes problems in brain health. A group of researchers from Boston University School of Medicine found out air pollution can result in brain damage affecting the cognitive functions of the brain.

We hope these tips help in preserving your loved one’s mental health!

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