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Tips for New Live-in Caregivers

Tips for New Live-in Caregivers

We all have been there. Walking in a new workplace trying to build a good impression on the employer and enthusiastically doing everything like we know what we’re doing. Your new Indonesian caregiver | Filipino caregiver | Myanmar caregiver might feel the same way now. The first few weeks for the caregiver would be a series of nervous smiles and a lot of learning.

If you want to help the new Indonesian caregiver | Filipino caregiver | Myanmar caregiver adopt to your home as soon as possible, then Eden Grace Maids Agency would like to suggest a few tips to make it possible!

Here are the tips for the new caregivers:

1. Educate yourself.

Every patient is different when it comes to needs and medical attention. One of the first things the Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver must do is to educate herself about the patient’s condition.
Answering down these few questions might help:
– What is the patient’s illness? Does he have any complications?
– Is the patient on a special diet? What is the food the Indonesian caregiver or the Filipino caregiver must prepare for her? What are the food she must avoid?
– Does the patient undergo any treatment or therapy? How frequent?
– Is lifting her from bed to wheelchair required?

Before making a daily schedule, the caregiver must have definite answers to these questions. From there, she will know what she should and shouldn’t do for the rest of the years as a caregiver.

2. Always communicate with the patient’s family.

Caregiving is a team work and the Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver is a part of that team. She, together with the family, must give time to talk about the patient’s needs and condition. It is not proper for only one person to shoulder all the responsibilities.

Communication with the patient must be established too! Some of them fear to become a burden to their children and family members. From time to time, the caregiver must talk to the patient, encouraging the elderly to talk about his own concerns and requests too.

3. Take care of yourself too.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the responsibilities and the things you need to learn! As a caregiver, you must take care of yourself too in order to take care of the patient well.

The employer must see to it that the Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver has enough rest and meals so she can take care of the patient well. Let her have a 15-minute walk around the neighborhood for exercise!

4. Prioritize safety

The live-in caregiver was told to accompany the elderly wherever he goes but Ah Kong wants to walk around outside without a helper. What is the best thing to do? Will the elderly be alright? What if he suddenly falls? The Indonesian caregiver | Filipino caregiver | Myanmar caregiver must prioritize the patient’s safety in times of dilemma. Choosing to be safe is the best option to stick to.

We hope these tips help! We wish your family and your loved one a safe day.

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