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The tasks of an Effective Caregiver

The tasks of an Effective Caregiver

There are unexpected times of unfortunate days when you have to take care of your sick family member. Some of us may become required of stepping into the role of caregiving. In this kind of situation, not all of us are equipped and certain of what to do. Some of us need to take care of elderly and must give their needs in accordance to our knowledge.

To know what a caregiver really means, you have to know first what your responsibilities are. In caring for someone who is frail and elderly; or who has a chronic condition, a terminal or mental illnesses; or a disability, you must keep in mind a few precepts. Your responsibilities, as one who takes care, must include:

-Knowing what their physical condition is and having a plan on how to take care of them.
-Helping them with their personal care, household chores and also attending to their physical needs.
-Regularly keeping track of their health, ensuring their proper nutrition and timely medications.
-Making them feel supported and loved by understanding them emotional needs.
-Encouraging them to be better and supporting their spiritual needs.
-Acknowledging their decisions and preferences when it comes to their own welfare and explaining to them all their options available.

By doing all our responsibilities, it will help on building up your relationship with your employer. It will also make communication effective for both of you and can even make him/her recover.

However, if our care recipient has a physical condition and will make you need to work in close partnership with healthcare professionals, you are advised to:

-Record the care recipient’s medical history, records, test results and appointments cards in a case file in a folder or a file. This will make things easier during check-up appointments with healthcare professionals.
-Be prepared for all medical appointments and mindful for all necessary follow-ups.

If the patient is facing end-of-life circumstances and have strong opinions about their important matters, help them articulate their wishes while they still can express it. Record their preferences and guide their family members and the healthcare team to make important medical decisions on their behalf later on.

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