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Hire Male Filipino Caregivers from Eden Grace Caregivers Agency

Hire Male Caregivers from Eden Grace Caregivers Agency

Stay-in male caregivers are not as many as female caregivers in Singapore. Caregiving is mostly associated with women and domestic jobs are likewise widely offered to women. Nonetheless, there is a drastic change in gender role matching nowadays! This leads to an increasing number of stay-in male Filipino|Myanmar caregivers available for eldercare in Singapore.

Eden Grace Caregivers Agency would like to give you reasons why male Filipino|Myanmar caregivers are a good option for taking care of your loved ones in Singapore.

Here are perks of choosing a male caregiver for eldercare:
Male patients are more comfortable with male caregivers.

We acknowledge that elderly patients can sometimes relate more with caregivers of the same gender. This is in terms of communication and connection between the male Filipino caregiver and the elderly patient. It’s easier to talk about soccer with someone who is equally keen for the sport!

Aside from that, toileting, bathing, and other activities are less awkward and easier for male elderly patients. Male caregivers can facilitate the activity with the same care, given that they were also trained to do the job.

Male caregivers are equally capable of caregiving.

There is a rise in the number of male Filipino caregivers in the past decade. However, for some employers, there is still an unspoken stereotype that males are not as capable as women since females are taken to be “naturally more compassionate”. But according to a recent study of Pew Research Internet Project about U.S. Caregivers, gender is not an important factor in caregiving but each gender has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Here are just a few male caregiving strengths the study has highlighted:

– Male caregivers tend to think more clearly and come up with a practical solution in times of pressure or when a problem arises.
– Bowling Green State University also stressed in their 2012 research that men use the “block and tackle” approach in doing caregiver tasks which means they do things one at a time and thus, performs tasks more accurately.

Male caregivers are suitable for heavy lifting.
Not all female caregivers can efficiently transfer a 70-kilogram patient from bed to wheelchair. In fact, a woman’s physique isn’t designed for lifting heavy weights and too much of it may result in health problems.

When you’re looking for someone to look after your loved one, consider taking a male Filipino caregiver from Eden Grace Caregivers Agency for efficient patient lifting.

Male caregivers don’t fall short in qualifications.

Caregiving courses for Filipino caregivers are not limited to women. Nursing courses and other medical courses are also now widely taken up by men. When it comes to on-the-job training and certificates, Eden Grace Caregivers Agency sees to it, that male caregivers have the undergone proper training and experience for the caregiving work in Singapore.

We hope you found this article useful! We wish you a safe day with your loved one.

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