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The Senior’s House Cleaning Checklist Every Maid Must Have


The Senior’s House Cleaning Checklist Every Maid Must Have

A woman has some observations every time she visits her mother who is in her 50s: The bills and mails are piling up and untouched. Old newspapers and clothes covered most surfaces, messing up the cozy mood that was in the house. The whole house became dustier and chaotic. It isn’t just the same anymore.
The once vacant and tidy house we grew up in gradually became unmanaged as our parents ages. They need more assistance in the household chores as they grow old.
It isn’t too late to solve the problem! The least we could do, as their concerned children, is to help them find a reliable Indonesian or Filipino stay-in maid in Singapore.
Eden Grace has come up with this important list of things to take care when cleaning a senior’s house for your future maid’s reference.


Checklist in Cleaning a Senior’s house:


1. Throwing out the expired food and goods from the fridge. Check the refrigerator everyday
Aging adults often lose their appetite. We can expect that there are goods in the fridge that weren’t consumed before it expired. There is a great risk of food poisoning if the maid doesnt throw out the expired food on time.
> A regular checking and inventory of the items in the fridge will make everything easier for the maid.


2. Keeping off some objects from the stairways and walkways whenever she cleans the house
Our loved one’s vision is failing as they age. We cannot let them walk to and fro in the house with a chance to slip and fall!
> The maid should simply take all the objects from the floor to avoid this from happening.
> She must wipe off and dry floors too just in case some liquid spilled off.


3. Disposal of any expired cleaning solutions, beauty products, and medicines should be done on a regular basis
Our elderly may overlook such important details. It is the maid’s duty to dispose these dangerous solutions if our elderly fails disposing them. She has to stay alert!


4. Clean dusty corners, ceilings, and moldy walls everyday
These corners may cause serious respiratory illnesses when overlooked. Our loved ones have become vulnerable from diseases in their old age.
> Molds grow in areas of higher humidity. Let’s check it out in the bathrooms and below the kitchen sinks.
> The Maid can get rid of this allergy causing bacteria with bleach and warm water. They just have to wash it off with a brush with strong bristles!
> It is a must to dust off the ceiling fans and ventilations too! Most allergens and dust stick to it and flies off to our nose when the fan turns on. We have to remind the maid that the dusting off is on a daily basis.*


5. Making sure the handrails are securely anchored to the walls is important
The handrails are what our elderly relies on when he moves from a place to another. Imagine the disaster when it detaches from the wall!
> The maid must test the handrails from time to time, transferring her weight to the railings.
> The maid must also make sure that the rugs lay flat on the floor and the carpets are secured to the ground.


6. Washing and changing of soiled beddings, mattresses, and pillow covers
The bacteria that lurks in these areas multiply exponentially and threaten our elderly’s health when it comes in contact with the skin.
> Bedsheets and mattresses are ideally changed every one or two weeks. However, if it has an obvious stain or the user is sick, the maid must change them more frequently.
> We change our pillowcases once a week to prevent contaminating our face’s skin. If our elderly suffers from severe facial problems, maids can change it every two to three days.


We hope your maid and seniors find our checklist useful. Eden Grace wish you a cleaner and cozier home environment!


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