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Live in Caregiver – Senior’s Flu Prevention 101


Live in Caregiver – Senior’s Flu Prevention 101

Rainy days increase the possibility of our loved ones catching a flu because of the environment’s higher humidity. In days like this, we may like to do proper precautions to protect ourselves and our loved ones.


Seniors are more prone to flu and infection than healthy adults, simply because their immune system doesn’t function as vigorously. Our loved ones can become more vulnerable, sicker, and can develop more complications in times of flu.


Eden Grace Caregivers Agency brings you these tips on how to prevent flu that your caregiver or maid must take note!


How to prevent flu for seniors:
1. We are more likely to be infected of this icky flu if we stay close with people who already have it. If someone in the family caught the flu, they should keep distance from children and the elderly until they get well. The infected family member should get at least proper medication and rest for the safety of the rest of the family. The caregiver needs to make sure those who are sick are constantly separated from the patient.
2. Good health habits in the house like covering coughs and washing hands can slow the spreading of influenza. Family members must also make sure to avoid touching their mouth, eyes, and nose without first washing their hands. This is a must for caregivers and maids to practice too.
3. We also suggest caregivers and maids to wear gloves when doing household chores! A covering on our skin will prevent us from having direct contact with the viruses.
4. Vaccines can be 70 to 90 percent effective too! However, people ages 65 years old and above can’t have intradermal flu shot, jet injector flu vaccine, or nasal spray flu vaccine.
5. Caregivers aren’t entirely safe from influenza too. In fact, they must take extra precautions to avoid it for the welfare and safety of their elderly patient.
For caregivers out there, please run a quick check if our patient is free from the dangers of influenza! Here are the minor signs of flu:
– Dry cough
– Muscle aches
– Sore throat
– Runny or stuffy nose
The following are the symptoms that indicates the flu has already reached a severity:
– Chest and abdomen pain
– Shortness of breath
– Shaking chills
– Abrupt dizziness
– Diarrhea
– Coughing with phlegm
– High fever and sweating


When we see these signs in our loved one, we need to call the doctor and get additional treatment and hospitalization if necessary.


We hope these tips help you prevent the flu. We wish you and your loved one a healthy life!
Live in Caregiver – Senior’s Flu Prevention 101


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