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Recovering from Elderly Malnutrition

Recovering from Elderly Malnutrition

Poor nutrition status among the elderly is linked to declining physical and cognitive functions. Malnutrition can be because of the elderly’s poor ability to feed himself or his declining brain health. A personal caregiver can help improve the elderly’s diet and prevent malnutrition! The Filipino live-in caregiver | Indonesian live-in caregiver | Myanmar live-in caregiver’s assistance in feeding and food preparation can make a huge change in your loved one’s health condition.

Eden Grace Caregiver’s Agency would like to share with you some important points about elderly malnutrition and how the Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver can help.

Here are few possible causes of malnutrition among adults:

1. Independent living situation with little help from family members or health care facility can cause seniors to be malnourished. As they grow old, their functional status declines. Their ability to prepare meals and feed themselves also suffers. This is when live-in caregivers in Singapore can be a huge help in ensuring your loved one is properly fed and looked after.

2. Depression is common among older adults and one of its effects is weight loss among the elderly. The feeling of abandonment and being a burden to family members are prevalent to this age group.

Your loved one may need a live-in caregiver who will constantly communicate and interact with her. An Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver from Eden Grace Caregiver Agency can be a good company. It may help reduce the risks of malnutrition in your loved one!

3. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia who don’t have caregiving assistance often have poor eating habits. Such cases really need an Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver to assist them in their meals and arrange their meal schedule.

4. Some elderly who have undergone surgery or had severe medical history also tend to lose weight rapidly as they grow old. Combat this with healthy meal plans with the help of your Indo caregiver or Filipino caregiver in Singapore.

If your loved one falls in any of the categories above, you may want to consider the following ways to lead the elderly back to a healthy lifestyle.

Road to recovering from malnutrition:

1. Make a meal plan with your Indo caregiver or Filipino caregiver for your loved one’s diet. Go for healthier food choices like fruits and vegetables over processed food.

Examples of healthier food choices for the elderly:

– Lean protein
– Fruits and vegetables
– Eggs
– Whole grains (brown rice and whole wheat pasta)
– Calcium rich products (milk, yoghurt, cheese)

The next time you’d like to open canned goods for your loved one’s breakfast, think twice! Is he eating healthy? Is that the best meal for his wellness? It’s time to grab something tasty and healthy at the same time.

2. The food intake between main meals can destroys his healthy diet. Snacking on fatty food is still consuming something unhealthy! Let the Indo caregiver or Filipino caregiver introduce fruits for snacks.

Pro-tip for Indonesian caregivers | Filipino caregivers | Myanmar Caregivers:

Explore on yoghurt dessert and berry recipes. Yoghurt is rich in calcium and berries are the best for your loved one’s brain health. If the elderly loves sandwiches, the live-in caregiver may serve some with chicken breast and deli meat.

3. If the elderly’s diet is restricted, the live-in Filipino caregiver or Indonesian caregiver can improve the taste of their meal using herbs and spices. Too much salt and artificial seasoning aren’t options to make the elderly’s food taste better.

We hope these tips help! We wish your loved one a healthy life.

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