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How Loneliness Affects the Elderly

How Loneliness Affects the Elderly

It is something that affects children and adults, men and women, people of all races, though the elderly population only have it worst. Loneliness is the 21st-century epidemic that can kill population through depression and diseases, and found to be even deadlier than obesity.

In Singapore alone, the cases of elderly suicides shoot up from 95 in 2010 to 126 suicides in 2014 according to Channel News Asia. Senior citizens who live alone are often found to be in a very bad living conditions, sleeping on the floor, with cockroaches and rats, and suffering from diseases.

Understanding what loneliness can do to your loved one is the first step to help him overcome it. You and your Indonesian caregiver | Filipino caregiver | Myanmar caregiver can work together to prevent depression and lead the elderly to a happier social life once again.

How loneliness affects your loved one?

1. Loneliness promotes cognitive decline and risk of dementia.

Getting older, the elderly needs to have more quality social interaction with family and friends. When speech is practiced and the brain is always challenged by meaningful conversations, we can lessen the risks of dementia and quicker cognitive decline.

Encourage the Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver to interact with the elderly patient as much as possible. Let the caregiver pick a topic that stirs the patient’s interest. It prevents the risks of dementia significantly!

2. Being alone makes seniors more vulnerable to elderly abuse.

According to National Center on Elder Abuse, socially isolated elderly are more prone to abuse. These cases of elderly abuse aren’t necessarily domestic. Some abuse happens in broad daylight and others have something to do with money or theft.

The most important strategy that would probably work is encouraging the elderly to speak up and ensure that the elderly are constantly connected to family members or accompanied by caregivers.

If you’re looking for someone to accompany your loved one wherever she goes, consider taking an Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver from Eden Grace Caregivers Agency. When there’s someone to assist your loved one in walking, he will less likely have injuries and falls.

3. Loneliness in seniors is linked to long-term illness.

Chronic lung diseases, arthritis, hypertension, and depression are linked to loneliness and social isolation. Older adults who live alone often develop worse symptoms and have higher rates of mortality.

Social connections, even just through phone calls, is a critical part of the elderly’s life. When was the last time the grandchildren visited their Ah ma and Ah kong? Despite the busy schedule and daily activities, grandparents need to be connected with friends and family. Let your Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver be a part of his or her social circle.

4. Leads to depression and pessimism

Most of the recorded reasons for depression in elderly is their loss of spouse or family members. Some elderly also likes to isolate themselves from their loved ones for fear of being a burden to their family. Surveys conclude that most elderly who suffers from depression predict their quality of life to become worse through time.

The most important factors to prolong the elderly’ life are good physical health and social health! We hope the tips help.

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