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Elderly Care: 5 Nutrients Seniors Must Have

Elderly Care: 5 Nutrients Seniors Must Have

The average life expectancy nowadays is 79 years old but by eating right and regular exercise, we may stick around longer. For seniors, they still need the basic vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and live longer.

The body needs 14 vitamins and 15 minerals to survive according to AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) . Below are just some of the essential vitamins and minerals for the elderly’s survival.

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Here are the 5 nutrients seniors must have:

1. Vitamin D

Growing old, our skin’s capability to synthesize vitamin D decreases, not to mention we become more of a homebody as we age. This vitamin helps in strengthening the bones and deficiency of it may cause osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.

The elderly must have her daily dosage of vitamin D through the help of her Indo caregiver or Filipino caregiver! Help the elderly get more vitamin D by simply going out for a morning walk to enjoy the sunny day! By consuming portions of salmon, tuna, mushrooms, and eggs yolks, the elderly can also have a good amount of vitamin D.

2. Iron

Anemia, which is generally caused by too little iron in one’s body, is prevalent among the elderly. The most effective way to prevent anemia is to ensure that the elderly are getting enough iron. The Indonesian caregiver and Filipino caregiver may include iron-rich food in the elderly patient’s diet such as nuts and seeds, beans, red meat, egg, and green leafy veggies.

Extra tip: Ascorbic acid boosts iron absorption! The live-in caregiver may increase vitamin c consumption together with iron.

3. Vitamin C

We all know that vitamin C is popular among children. It is widely recognized to prevent colds and infections and strengthen one’s immune system.

But why is vitamin C important for elderly patients too? Vitamin C is needed in the formation of red blood cells which is responsible for removing carbon dioxide from the body and bringing oxygen in. Ascorbic acid also helps in the formation of white blood cells which prevents infection and aids collagen production, something that is more needed as we grow older.

Let the live-in caregiver store some oranges, grapefruit, berries, tomatoes, and broccoli in the fridge to have a good source of ascorbic acid!

4. Vitamin B12

Adults who are 50 years old and above have lower levels of vitamin B12. This vitamin is necessary to prevent the occurrence of stroke and heart disease. B12 plays an important role in the formation of blood and DNA synthesis.

Teach the Indo caregiver or Filipino caregiver to plan a meal rich in B12. The live-in caregiver can prepare a menu which includes eggs, milk, cheese, fish, chicken, soy, and shellfish. It is important to encourage the elderly to choose her meal too.

5. Calcium

Our body needs this element from infant stage to post-menopausal stage. As estrogen level falls in female elderly, calcium absorption decreases with it. For the Indo caregiver or Filipino caregiver, she has to make sure that the elderly is getting enough dosage of calcium, dairy products such as milk and cheese should be included in the elderly’s diet.

The recommended dosage of calcium for the elderly who are 51-70 years old is 1200 mg every day. This is equivalent to 3 glasses of nonfat milk, some yogurt, cottage cheese, and a plate of tofu scramble!

Consult your doctor first before giving the elderly food supplements and let the live-in caregiver check for allergies and restricted food!

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