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Caregiving Tips: How to Solve Bed Sore Problems for Bedridden Patient

Caregiving Tips: How to Solve Bed Sore Problems for Bedridden Patient

The mere contact of a motionless body against linen for a long time can cause serious injury to bedridden patients. This injury is called bed sores or bed ulcers. Filipino caregivers or Indonesian caregivers know that it is a must to change the position of the patient from time to time to avoid bed sores. Aside from this golden rule, there are also some things that we need to take note to keep the patient safe and sore-free.

Eden Grace Caregivers Agency wants to share with you these few more tips to solve the patient’s bed sore problem.

1) Keep the elderly’s skin clean and dry.

The less moisture and bacteria on the patient’s skin, the less worries about bed sores for the Indo caregiver and Filipino caregiver.
– The caregiver must make sure that the elderly is completely dry before helping her dress. Wet skin increases the possibility of bed sores for the elderly.
– Caregivers may suggest to the elderly to use milder bath soap instead of using the traditional one.
– When drying the elderly’s skin, the caregiver must not rub the towel or cloth too hard to avoid skin irritation.

2) Pay more attention to the elderly’s back.

Bedridden patients spend most of their time lying on their backs. Because of this, caregivers must give more attention to the body’s posterior.
– Turn the patient from left to right and right to left every 2 hours.
– Tap his back with a towel to remove sweat and to keep his back dry.
– Caregivers may give a light massage to the elderly’s back to release the tension in any aching muscles.
– If the patient is capable, the Indo caregiver or Filipino caregiver can help the patient sit up for some time every few hours.

3) Make use of pillows to comfort the pressure areas.

The thing that effectively prevents an elderly patient from getting bed sores, aside from an egg crate mattress, are soft pillows.
The Filipino and Indo caregivers need to place soft pillows in between the linen and the following body parts to avoid bed ulcers:
– Back of the head
– Shoulder
– Elbow
– Lower back and buttocks
– Hip
– Inner knees
– Heels

4) Encourage the elderly to perform bed exercises

There are many bed exercises that can be performed in bed. If it’s permitted by the patient’s physician, these exercises can be done every now and then to lessen the risk of bed ulcers or bed sores.
– The Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver may start with arm lifting for 10 seconds. If the patient allows, leg lifting is also effective!
Frequent movements, proper hygiene, and dryness are the keys to lessen the risks of bed sores. With these tips, we wish your loved one a healthier life!
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