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The Things a Good Live in Caregiver Must Do

The Things a Good Live in Caregiver Must Do

Live in Caregivers are the ones who ‘give care’ for the sick and elderly. Being an Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver means being responsible for a person’s welfare and health. With professional training and an open mind, the FDW is only a few steps away from being a good caregiver in Singapore.

The following tips will help the Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver be effective in his or her job. This is for the all caregivers in Singapore who want to be better in this field.

The Things a good live-in caregiver must do:

Serve the elderly patient and meet the family’s expectation.
Most of the time, the problems don’t only arise from the patient but also from the family who wants to make sure their loved one isn’t neglected. The family, according to some caregivers in Singapore, can be more demanding than the patient. It is important to think of the patient’s welfare from the family’s perspective. What does the family expect from you as an Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver? What is the advice of the family in case of emergency?

The Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver can list down the tasks she needs to do and apply it to the job daily.

Focus on the patient’s condition and help him get better.
One of the most common mistakes of the Filipino caregiver or Indonesian caregiver is changing the behavior of the patient instead of helping him or her get better. If the client has a mental condition, the caregiver must not focus on the illness’ manifestation but on the therapy that can be applied. If the patient starts talking about her 70’s stories and her ‘missing son’, the caregiver must help the patient engage in a conversation with her by letting her elaborate.

“What does your son look like? What does he do?” Conversations are therapeutic. Let the Indo caregiver and Filipino caregiver join her and talk to her instead of insisting that she’s wrong.

Go beyond what the employer asked for.

Make an initiative. Do things without being told to and do what’s best for the patient and the employer. Simple tasks don’t require any approval from the employer. The Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver can do these things with sincerity and concern and she will never go wrong.

If they ask you to feed the patient at a specific hour, look for the food with the right nutrients your patient’s body needs (as the doctor requires). This isn’t exactly what your employer asked you to do but this is a task you can do on your own if you are truly concerned with the patient’s health.

Your service will be more effective as a caregiver if you take your elderly patient as your own mother and father. With this thought, you will be able to serve your patient unconditionally. Your attitude towards work also matters to the family.

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