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The Guide to Encourage Elderly Exercise

The elderly’s number one excuse to avoid exercise is their frail body due to old age! However, studies say we aren’t limited by our age when it comes to exercise. Through the guidance of the Filipino caregiver, the elderly can still perform exercises! Changing the elderly’s sedentary lifestyle can decrease their chances of diabetes and other types of chronic illnesses. Studies also show that light frequent exercises are effective when battling stress or insomnia. Moderate exercises with the help of the Indo caregiver or Filipino caregiver encourages ‘easy sleep’ for the elderly. When they do some exercise, the physical movement takes place and they are exposed to sunlight which is lacking in a senior’s lifestyle.

Given all these perks of exercise, the question is ‘How are we going to encourage the elderly to do it?’ Eden Grace Maids Agency wants to share some ideas on guiding the elderly to become physically active with the help of the live-in caregiver in Singapore.

1) Start with little
Ah ma is already in her 70s with a high risk of falling. She may not be able to do an ultramarathon, but she can manage to have one round of walk at the park twice or thrice a week. The Filipino caregiver/ Indo caregiver should avoid long endurance exercises or too heavy activities for the seniors. Start from a ten-minute activity or less, then the live-in caregiver may gradually increase the difficulty if the elderly can manage.

2) Inform them of the goals
Seniors were once independent and physically active people and they want to remain that way. Ordering them around to exercise would obviously discourage them even more! The Filipino caregiver or Indo caregiver must share with them the objectives of the exercise, emphasizing that this is the best for them. Tell them, “Stretching makes your hips function well again!” or “Jogging will improve your heart health, just try.” Encouraging becomes easier when they know that it benefits them too.

3) Accompany the elderly
Having someone to run with, stretch with, and lift weights with is more enjoyable than doing things alone. Remember how studying seems easy because we have a ‘study mate’ and how lunch seems less lonely when we have a ‘lunch pal’. It’s just the same when it comes to exercising. It would encourage them a lot to exercise when the Filipino caregiver/ Indo caregiver would accompany them during exercise. Accountability is the key to be constant with our elderly exercise routine!

4) Ask family members to be as supportive
Support is a crucial part of encouraging the elderly to exercise. The live-in caregiver may ask the senior’s family members to support the elderly too in his/her decision to become physically active again. Grandsons can come along to play in the park while grandpa takes a run or together, they can do some Zumba exercises! The elderly can also join a support group that promotes being active in dancing, fishing, or sports.

5) Make a schedule
Just like how we schedule the elderly’ bathing time, let the Filipino caregiver schedule the exercise too. Make sure it is followed and done on time until it becomes a regular thing. The live-in caregiver must remember not to push too hard but allow the elderly to rest in between workouts to make time for muscle and tissue healing.

Lastly, the physician permits the exercise. Before scheduling anything, make sure to visit the senior’s physician, collaborate with him when it comes to the elderly’s welfare, and discuss what types of exercises are fit for the elderly. In case, dizziness, pain, or difficulty breathing occurs, the Filipino caregiver must make a necessary trip to the doctor.

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