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Live in Nanny-Understanding Children with Special Needs

Live in Nanny-Understanding Children with Special Needs

Many Live in Nanny and caregiver providers face challenges in keeping their patience when looking after kids with disabilities. Research found out that the parents’ or caregivers’ stress is one of the factors that hinder effective childcare service. Understanding the kids with special needs is the first step to tone down stress and anxiety.

Remember that children with disabilities have more similarities than differences from children without disabilities. One of the most common mistakes a guardian do is treating a  special child too differently. This often leads to the child’s depression and self-discrimination.  Childcare providers must instead focus on the child’s capabilities and strengths, then later on identify their weaknesses and make adjustments.

If you are a caregiver responsible for taking care of a special child. The first thing you must do is collaborate with the parents and professionals to set a goal. Ask to be a part of the team that develops and tracks the child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) so you can discuss activities, exercises, and support needed to reach goals. The goals refer to the simple steps you want the child to make in order to improve. Always discuss your plans and ideas first to the parents and doctors before implementing.

For a little child’s development, you can also modify his or her toys and equipments. For a baby who has difficulty in holding a bottle, for example, cover the bottle with cloth sock for the grasping to be easier. The same can be done on the child’s environment. You can put more lamps in the room of the child with a poor vision or remove rugs that slips in the room of a child with difficulty walking.

One of the most helpful way of teaching a special child is becoming a model for him or her. You can teach her how to do things by showing the child how to do it.

Is the child is timid and afraid of socializing, show him or her how to play with other kids by being his or her playmate. Children tend to imitate what his or her guardian show.

For parents with special children, consider asking for a professional maid’s help to help you develop and equip your child.

Eden Grace Caregivers is concerned to all children’s welfare, with or without disabilities. The agency believes that the key to the development of the child is understanding them first and helping them in their every step of growing up.

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