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What Employers Should Look for in an Indonesian/Filipino Caregiver

As we grow old, we learn to take care of ourselves and do our own daily activities easily. Caring for someone sick or disable, on the other hand, is a different story. Being a caregiver requires practical skills, adequate knowledge, and a positive attitude. There are certain qualities the employer must look for when hiring a caregiver in Singapore.


If you have a loved one who needs help in his or her daily activities, Eden Grace Maids Agency gives you the list of essential things to look for in a caregiver:


1. Patience
The elderly walks slowly, talks softly, and has difficulties in expressing himself. Because of this, the Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver must see to it that she has unending patience for the elderly. This means remaining kind and calm when the patient throws tantrums and encounters difficulties in eating or bathing himself. Also, she has to take time in listening to the patient and find multiple ways to communicate with him or her.


The Indo caregiver or Filipino caregiver’s job is to put their patient’s welfare first before their own comfort. It sounds hard but true caregivers are ready to adjust for their patient anytime and anywhere.


2. Empathy
Nothing’s better than a caregiver who has a heart for patients and elderly. The Indo caregiver or Filipino caregiver can do her job well in Singapore if she loves to devote her time to the person she’s taking care of. A caregiver has empathy if he or she puts herself in the patient’s shoes, can understand what the patient is feeling, and has eagerness to know the patient’s concerns and challenges.


3. Flexibility
This is especially necessary for Indo caregivers and Filipino caregivers with patients who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Every day can be more challenging than yesterday and most of the time, schedules won’t work. The elderly may choose to wake up earlier than usual or do things untimely but the caregiver must learn to cope instead of changing the behavior of the patient.


A surprising crisis may happen in one day so it is crucial for the Indonesian caregiver and Filipino caregiver to have quick problem-solving skills to save the day!


4. Positive Attitude
A good smile, confidence, and a positive attitude is often contagious. It’s a blessing to have a cheerful and positive Indo caregiver or Filipino caregiver in the house during those tiring days of taking care of the patient or elderly. Another good news is that positive attitude and good communication helps a lot in the recovery of sick patients!


We hope the list helped you in your hiring process! We wish you a healthier and happier family.


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