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These Benefits Will Make Seniors Quit Smoking


These Benefits Will Make Seniors Quit Smoking

Smoking cessation is an uphill battle for everyone. People say they want to quit smoking but this habit is harder to break especially if the person smoked all his life. Some seniors believe it’s too late to turn over a new leaf and start anew. Some would say the withdrawal part of smoking has a lot of negative effects to the body too. However, one could overcome easily as long as he has the willingness.


One of the best things a live-in caregiver can do to help his elderly patient overcome smoking is letting him understand the benefits of quitting.


It’s not just the lungs that would benefit! Your senses, your pockets, and your whole family will benefit too!


Let your Indonesian caregiver or Filipino caregiver help the patient in overcoming smoking. Eden Grace Caregivers Agency would like to share with you the perks of smoking cessation:


1. He will improve his senses.

Smoking dulls the elderly’s sense of taste and smell even more. Quitting may intensify his senses again. Because of this, he will gain more appetite and enjoy his meals more. He may also gain a little bit weight as a sign of a healthier body!


2. He’ll have more energy and better breathing.

The reduction of stress and boosting of energy will only affect nicotine users for a short time. In the later days, smokers will feel jittery and the energy levels will drastically drop. Your Filipino maid can emphasize to him that he’ll feel more energized when he stops smoking.


Of course, better breathing will eventually be a benefit for the elderly because he stopped inhaling chemicals!


3. His family will be healthier.

Lung diseases are evident even to non-smokers because secondhand smoke is more dangerous than smoking itself.


According to research, a passive smoker can still inhale 7000 chemicals and 69 of these are carcinogenic or can still cause cancer. The Filipino caregiver or Indonesian caregiver can point out to the smoking family members the importance of quitting for their family’s safety. Spark the elderly’s concern for his family by explaining the effects of secondhand smoking.


4. He will save more money.

A lot of countries are putting more taxes on cigarette packs so a huge part of the smoking population would quit. Some people even purchase cigarettes the way they purchase food. When a person quits smoking all together, he’ll be surprised to save hundred dollars or more.


5. Outdoor activities become more fun.

Smokers find it hard to do outdoor activities because breathing is much difficult for them. When an elderly quits, even walking will feel easier. Exercises are no longer hard to do! Who knows, the elderly may want to go picnic with the family!


6. Immediate benefits

A nicotine-free body will have lowered heart rate and blood pressure. Carbon monoxide levels will also decline because oxygen transportation becomes easier for the body. Friends will notice that the elderly’s teeth and fingernails are no longer yellow. His hair, clothes, and breath will also smell better!


We hope these tips help your loved one quit smoking!


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