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Tips for Taking Care of Elderly at Home


Tips for Taking Care of Elderly at Home

Almost 90% of seniors in the US wants to grow old in their present residence, not in nursing homes. In Singapore, 9% of elderly population lives alone instead of staying in a nursing community. In a global scale, the elderly population wants to assert independence as much as possible despite how living alone is linked to depression and worse, physical health risks.


As someone with a loved one who wants to spend her last years living alone, how can we help? How can we ensure Ah ma or Ah Kong is eating healthy and living safe?


Hire a live-in caregiver to accompany the elderly.

You may be a mother yourself and a working mom and it can be difficult for you to be an elderly’s caregiver at the same time. We know you still deeply care for your parents and you’re more at peace when they are secured and well taken care of.


Eden Grace Caregiver’s Agency offers caregiving services to ensure the elderly in Singapore is well-taken care of at home. A Filipino caregiver or Indonesian caregiver can be the elderly’s company. She can assist her in her daily activities, help her exercise, or help her with the daily chores. Eden Grace Caregiver’s Agency will help you find a live-in caregiver in Singapore who matches your loved one’s needs! The elderly may not be in a nursing home where there are health workers, but a live-in caregiver would be with her 24/7.


Things to remember when taking care of an elderly at home:

1) Always let the family or physician know about the elderly’s condition. There are times when simple changes about their behavior and diet are actually a big deal. Signs of osteoporosis, dementia, heart failure, or dysphagia are not even obvious. When in doubt, notify the elderly’s family always.


2) For some, reaching 65 years old is a resting age where we just sit down on the sofa and watch TV all day. However, not being involved in anything causes cognitive decline. Even when the elderly has stopped working long ago, it is important to keep their mind active by encouraging them to volunteer, take an easy class and learn new things, or play brain games like chess, poker, etc!


3) One of the popular myths about aging is “disability and health decline is inevitable as we grow old”. The truth is the elderly can age gracefully without needing a wheelchair or a cane! With the help of the Filipino caregiver or Indo caregiver in Singapore, the elderly can perform simple exercises at home to maintain fitness and improve balance.


4) To battle against depression, we suggest that the elderly should try being social as much as possible. Elderly groups flock on dance clubs and support groups just to make friends and make the most of their remaining years. With the help of the live-in caregiver in Singapore, she can accompany the elderly when he or she needs to go out with her friends.


5) Hot flashes or night sweats are common to elderly who undergo menopausal period. To avoid this, the live-in caregiver may encourage the elderly to quit smoking, minimize alcohol, and avoid sugary food for a healthy diet. Instead, she can recommend increase intake of water, vegetable, berries whole grains, fiber, nuts, and leafy greens.


6) Falls are the major cause of injury for the elderly in Singapore. The live-in caregivers must make some changes in the elderly’s environment to avoid further falls or accidents. Some of the ways to modify the elderly’s flat is to ensure good lighting, remove the clutter in the high traffic areas, repair furniture, install grab rails in the bathroom and beside the bed, or wipe up spills immediately.


With the help of the Filipino caregiver or Indonesian caregiver, we can transform the elderly’s home into a space suitable for safe living. The key qualities in taking care of the elderly is patience, creative, and flexible. We wish you learned something from this article!


Are we in need of someone who can take good care of our loved ones? Consider the reliable caregiving and maid services from Eden Grace Caregivers Agency. The agency has caregivers who undergo proper training and background checking to fit our manpower needs.


Please contact us for a fuss-free consultation with our unique personal screenings of our caregivers. Eden Grace Caregivers Agency looks forward to serving you!

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