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Mistakes the Live-in Caregivers Must Avoid


Mistakes the Live-in Caregivers Must Avoid


Taking care of senior parents is such an immense responsibility and mistakes are inevitable for caregivers along the way. These mistakes, unfortunately, don’t come with red lights and buzzers. These are mistakes we normally do day to day, not knowing they are dangerous for our loved one.


Eden Grace Caregivers Agency would like to keep your Indonesian caregivers and Filipino caregiver equipped and well-informed as they take care of the employer’s senior parents in Singapore. There are red flags the caregiver may take note while taking care of the elderly.


Here are the mistakes to avoid when taking care of an elderly:

1. Letting them do or have anything they wish for even when it’s bad for them.

Ah Kong still tries to sneak and smoke despite a recent bad lung diagnosis by the doctor. When the caregiver and family members try to take his cigarettes, he would throw tantrums and go berserk. Later, the caregiver thinks the most appealing option for him to calm down is to have his own way and just return his cigarettes back. Is it really the best choice considering the elderly’s safety and smoking’s long-term effects?


Talk through pros and cons with your live-in caregiver in Singapore. If possible, include ah kong in the discussion and be realistic about the consequences of the bad behaviour. If he hates being admitted to the hospital more than the abstinence to smoking, use it as a foothold to convince him to stop.


2. Not seeking medical advice when in doubt.

There is a reason why medical specialists are still the best source of advice despite the abundance of information and suggestions online. They can assess patients personally and they are assisted by other medical specialists.


In times when the Filipino caregiver or Indo caregiver is in doubt, let it be a teamwork consists of the patient’s family, caregiver, and the doctor. She should keep the employer informed about the elderly’s condition and involve the doctor when in doubt.


3. Thinking the spare time is enough to take care of the elderly.

For adult children who have the responsibility of taking care of their elderly parents for the first time, it is important to understand that the time after work isn’t enough to attend to them. Accept that caregiving is a very time-consuming job. Working full-time while taking care of a loved one will create tremendous stress and more frustration.


Consider hiring a live-in Indo caregiver or live-in Filipino caregiver from Eden Grace Caregivers Agency to attend to your elderly parent while you’re at work! The employer may want someone very available and efficient enough to take care of the elderly that’s why a live-in caregiver is the best choice.


4. Making a lot of promises

Sometimes, the Filipino caregiver or Indonesian caregiver utter some promises just to make the elderly do a task or finish an activity. The live-in caregiver must see to it that these commitments will not compromise health and safety. Promises like “we will never send you to the hospital again…” or “you will never be in a nursing home…” shouldn’t be taken lightly. It may backfire and may just turn to guilt, disappointments, and hurts.


As a family member or a live-in caregiver, see the picture as a whole. We know caregiving is twists and turns that may include some downfalls. Thus, hospitalizations or nursing home may be an option later in the elderly’s life. Don’t make promises so easily! Instead, promise to tell them what’s best for them and their safety.


Together with your Indo caregivers or Filipino caregivers, take note of these mistakes and be more aware! We hope this article helps.


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