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Live in Caregiver – The Best Food for Elderly’s Skin

Live in Caregiver – The Best Food for Elderly’s Skin

The primary culprit behind the skin’s elasticity loss are natural aging processes and damage caused by environmental factors. Aging is inevitable but small changes in the elderly’s diet can boost anti-aging benefits, leaving the skin soft and younger.
We don’t need to rely on the promise of expensive beauty products. The solution for the elderly’s healthy skin can be found right in the kitchen! These ‘beauty foods’ can promote a variety of skin-enhancing qualities, increase radiance, and enhance the firmness of the skin.
Eden Grace Caregiver Agency suggests these diet tips you may consider to improve your loved one’s skin. Your live-in caregiver has to make sure the following ingredients are added to the elderly’s diet!
The food for elderly’s skin:

1. Load up her diet with Vitamin A

Food examples: Carrots, tomatoes, apricots, water melons, and sweet potatoes
How maids can add it in the diet:
– Mashed sweet potato is good for the elderly’s afternoon snack
– She can also try roasted carrot soup recipe if the elderly has difficulties in chewing
– Prepare tomato puree by boiling the tomatoes for ten minutes and blending it in the mixer
Benefits: These food all contain beta-carotene that lessens the risk of premature aging and disease.


2. Load up her diet with soy proteins

Food examples: Tofu, soy milk, edamame, soy cheese, soy butter
How maids can add it in the diet:
– Add tofu in stir-fry dishes
– Oatmeals are healthier when drowned with soy milk!
– Soy milk can also be consumed in the form of milk shakes and smoothies
Benefits: These are rich in amino acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants. These kind of food helps the skin in retaining moisture, smooth the overall appearance and improve the skin’s elasticity.


3. Load up her diet with berries

Food examples: Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries
How maids can add it in the diet:
– Because it is simply tasty, berries can be taken raw as long as it is tenderized for the elderly’s preference
– Strawberry smoothie is easier and quicker to make. The blender does all the work!
– Ice creams are not just for kids but for elderlies too! We suggest opting berry flavored ice cream than other flavors.
Benefits: Berries are not just good for the skin with its collagen and elastin. It is also abundant in antioxidants that fights cancer. It sharpens memory as we age and gives us fiber that aids our body’s digestive system.


4. Load up her diet with more water

This one is the easiest part of diet. Eight glasses of water a day can make a huge difference in the elderly’s skin! They have to stay hydrated to support the overall elasticity of the skin. Caregivers must make sure their patients stay hydrated throughout the day.


Elderly needs as much nutrients as young adults do. We hope these tips help your loved ones achieve a healthy skin!


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